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Evolution of e-Pragati

Development of useful indicators existence of reliable data & dissemination of available evidence are critical first steps in policy formulation & implementation. Project Pragati is an offshoot of Project e-Sishu; Child Tracking System (CTS) which aims at an ONLINE web enabled system and provides all the relevant information to achieve universal coverage of social welfare, social security and nutrition service. Over 40000 enumerators were engaged in the household survey. Nearly 6000 monitors & 400 supervisors were engaged to supervise the entire process. Women & Child Welfare Department was actively involved in the data collection process.


Going About the Project

At present children are tagged to villages in project e-Shishu database.
But in WCD department the last entity of the demographical structure is Awnganwadi Centers (AWC) which is situated in the villages, hence the children are tagged to AWC’s. So we need to code the AWC centers with a unique code and tag it to respective villages. After giving a unique code to the AWCs, each and every child will be tagged to that code of AWCs, so that we can get Awanwadi center wise beneficiary’s details.

Presentations of e-Pragati

Introduction to e-Pragati
e-Pragati in process
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